Category & Product Related Questions

Great question! We did consider expanding Covey Sports to other sports at one time, but made the decision to focus 100% of our time, attention, and resources to baseball and softball products.

We always want our customers to be happy. We offer a generous 45-day money back guarantee for all purchases. Learn more on our Shipping & Returns page.

Product Shipping Details

YES! In fact, we never charge extra for shipping. The truth is, even when a company claims to offer "free" shipping, it isn't truly free. The reality is that in those instances, the shipping is "baked" into the price. This is what we do for all of our products in order to take the guesswork out of it for both everyone.

We house our products in multiple warehouses across the United States. While some of our inventory will ship from our current "home base" in Florida, it could potentially ship from various states where we store our products (including Amazon's warehouses).

We take customer service very seriously and do everything we can to get your items to you quickly. For most items, you will receive your item within 4-6 business days. Unfortunately, we cannot control what happens after our products have left our warehouses. Holiday seasons can also lead to delays.

For some of our clothing & merch items, they are printed after the order has been received. These items are typically received within 5-10 days after your order has been placed.

Currently, we are only shipping within the USA. If this changes, we will make a note of it here.