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We began with a passion to help youth fastpitch softball coaches through informational products. Over the years, we have morphed into a company that also provides physical products and services to both softball AND baseball programs.

Whether you are a youth baseball/softball coach, player, parent, or administrator, you are in the right place. If you are looking for physical products, free coaching information, online courses, or simply a snack from our "Concessions Stand," we have something for you.

A Note to our Snow Ski Enthusiasts: If you are here because you found some Covey Sports ski products on Amazon, just know that they do belong to us! And we truly appreciate your interest! However, we sell those items exclusively on Amazon. We are a baseball/softball centric company, that just happens to sell a couple of snow ski accessories on Amazon for fun during the "off-season." :)

Making Your "Life at the Diamond" More Joyful

Our goal at Covey Sports is to provide content, products, and services that help make baseball and softball more enjoyable for coaches, parents, players, and fans.

We aim to create products of the highest quality to help make life a little bit easier or to simply add joy to your life.

We also believe youth softball & baseball provides a vehicle that can be used to make an incredible impact in the lives of our youth, and all of our informational content is aimed to keep “impact” at the forefront.

A Bible verse that we believe captures our mission is Psalm 96:12 which states "Let the field be joyful, and all that is in it." While the author wasn't talking about baseball/softball fields, we like to think of it in relation to our time "interacting" with baseball/softball both on and off the field. After all, it's a game. And games were meant to bring joy!

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