Vidal Gummi Candy, 3.5 ounce Bag

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Vidal Candies, Spain's largest candy manufacturer, opened in 1963 and started filling a need in the market for jelly and marshmallow candies. In the late 70s Vidal got into manufacturing licorice with a new, unique process that created a more intense flavor. They created licorice bricks, still a popular style of licorice today. Later it introduced fruit marshmallows, a product type that remains popular to today. It also started producing soft candies filled with other substances: gum with effervescent fillings, liquid-filled bubble gum, and jelly-filled gummy candies. These products make up the core of Vidal's product lineup, which grows every year. Every once in a while they come up with something quite interesting and unique, such as their gummy chicken feet.
  • Vidal Candies is your ultimate source for the rare and hard to find gummies you’ve been searching for. With a delicious and unusual selection of creative gummies
  • Gummy tropical frogs are a fun candy that kids will absolutely love. Each piece features a traditional amphibian shape with rounded body, bent rear legs, and little toes.
  • The back includes realistic detail along with a pair of eyes. Each gummy frog has a yellow belly, green body, and colorful legs in yellow, red, or blue.
  • These chewy, fruit flavored delights are shaped like those cool and colorful croakers, but they’re made of tasty candy rather than slimy skin
  • Fat Free - Peanut and Nut Free - Gluten Free

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