Van Melle Fruit Toffees Candies - (2-Pack) - Dutch Holland Imported Candy, 8.8 oz Per Bag

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Van Melle Fruit Toffees, 8.8 oz Per Bag. Comes in 1-pack and 2-pack options. Van Melle is a Dutch Holland imported candy from the Netherlands. There are three flavors in this mix from Van Melle: Strawberry, lemon, and orange. All three have amazing, strong, real fruit flavors!

  • Van Melle Fruit Toffee Candy - (1-Pack) - Dutch Holland Imported Candies, 8.8 oz Per Bag
  • There are three assorted flavors in this mix: strawberry, lemon, and orange flavored candy
  • Dutch Holland Soft Fruit Candy Chews Imported from the Netherlands
  • All three flavors have amazing, strong, real fruit flavors

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