Covey Sports Team Offense eBook: Scoring More Runs In Travel And High School Softball

This eBook on Team Offense is sure to help you take your offense to the next level this season!

Written by Coach Covey, this team offense eBook dives into 3 main aspects of coaching softball:

  1. Practice Planning
  2. Hitting Philosophy and Mechanics
  3. Offensive Strategies to Generate Runs

Each section contains pictures and written descriptions to help you learn more effectively. Coach Covey begins by covering the importance of practice planning and then explaining some key concepts for helping you make your practices more effective.

In part 2, the eBook covers some of the key aspects of effective hitting mechanics, as well as some thoughts on helping your players be more confident on game-day.

In the final chapter, Coach Covey discusses 12 different play-types to have in your team's arsenal, while also going in-depth on the mindset it takes to run an aggressive offense (and get your players to "buy-in").

From steal-play variations and strategies, bunting-play options, baserunning "trick-plays," to his favorite play-calling system (and why). 

This book has something for everyone! 

Get the eBook instantly upon purchase!

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