Smushballs Baseball & Softball Batting Practice Balls

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You Will Never Run Out of Uses For Your Smushballs!

baseball & softball smushballs

Use Smushballs Whenever...Wherever...for Whatever

Smush balls have more uses for baseball and softball players than most any other type of ball. They are safe enough for indoor practices, but travel far enough to make hitting fun. Here are just a few additional ways that you can improve the skills of your athletes with Smushballs:

  1. Any type of drill in a gymnasium (they will not scuff your floor).
  2. For the catcher position to work on framing technique (either with or without a glove).
  3. "Bare-hand" fielding drills to work on grounder fundamentals.
  4. For young & inexperienced players still learning how to catch, throw, and hit.
  5. As a stress relief ball.
  6. And much more!
baseball & softball smush balls

Limited Flight Design for Multiple Uses

The "limited flight" design makes these smush balls incredibly versatile. Whether you need a hitting station in limited space, a ball to use for specific drills, or a way to throw front-toss to inexperienced players these balls will get the job done!

A Great Tool for Developing Your Hitting

baseball & softball training aid

Smushballs Can Help Your Baseball AND Softball Players Develop Their Hitting

You can't replace hitting with a real baseball or softball. BUT you do need to have some alternatives in your practice or coaching "toolbox" for different situations. Here are just a few ways that these smush balls can help with hitting training and batting practice.

  1. For pre-game hitting when your team is limited to a small area .
  2. As a hitting concentration drill (perfect for combining with your favorite "stick-trainer").
  3. Any type of hitting drills off of a tee or into a hitting net.
  4. For "Coach-Pitch" or front-toss drills.
  5. As a "small-ball" concentration drill for softball players.
  6. And More!