Rawlings Baseball Softball Bat Tape Grip - (Multi-Packs, Multiple Colors) - Bat Handle Wrap for Batting

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Need enough tape for 1 bat or a shorter amount of time? Then the 1-pack may be what you need. But if you would like to get longer life out of your tape then the multipack option of this Rawlings multipurpose bat tape is what you are looking for. Each roll is 3/4" wide and 30" long. This tape is great for baseball/softball bat grips, hockey stick blades, and hockey stick handles. Other common uses are lacrosse sticks, tennis handles, bows (hunting gear), chin-up bars, dumbbells, or anything around the house that needs extra grip!

  • Rawlings Baseball Softball Bat Tape Grip - (2-Pack, White) - Bat Handle Wrap For Batting
  • Available in Black, Camouflage, White, Red, Blue, Pink, and Yellow
  • Simply apply to your bat handle or sports stick for enhanced gripping; Great for softball bats, baseball bats and hockey sticks
  • Each tape roll is 3/4" wide and 30" long; 2-packs gives you 60" of total bat tape
  • Tape is also great for lacrosse sticks, tennis handles, bows, chin-up bars, and dumbbells

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