ProNine Agility Trainer Reaction Ball - (Baseball and Softball Sizes) - Practice Tool for Infield and Agility Training

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ProNine React Ball For Fielding Training. Comes in a baseball-sized version or a softball sized version. Improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Six-sided rubber training and fielding ball; Improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Design causes random leaps & hops. Sharpens depth perception and makes training fun & more effective!

  • Baseball or Softball sized ProNine React Baseball For Infield and Agility Training Aid
  • Six-sided rubber trainer and fielding ball; This is a piece of equipment that improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time
  • Design of these accessories cause random leaps & hops
  • Practicing with the agility ball will help to sharpen depth perception and make training fun & more effective

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