ProNine 11 Inch Softballs In Bucket (2-Dozen Fastpitch Balls) With Covey Sports Bag

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Tired of using softballs that get disfigured or ripped after just a few uses? This 6-gallon bucket of ProNine Softballs with a Covey Sports bag is made to last! 

Receive 2-Dozen (24 Balls) ProNine 11 Inch (10U Ages) Fastpitch Softballs For Girls in a 6-gallon bucket. 

While this bundle comes with ball-options for 10U ages, the quality of the balls are made to withstand a high school or college practice season! Whether you need these for your team's practices, ASA games, or backyard play...this bundle will do the job!

Each ball is made with a high quality synthetic tacky grip cover and raised seams. Both the bucket and the bonus Covey Sports drawstring carrying bag will help keep your softballs in one spot. Use the bucket when needing all the softballs and the bag when just needing to use a few.

Each bucket will fit 24 softballs while each bag is large enough to fit 12 softballs inside. The bag can also be used for many other softball items going to the field!

If you have 10U players that need an 11-inch ball, or if you simply need a smaller ball for "small-ball" hitting drills then this is the bundle for you!

  • ProNine softballs are made to last for long periods of time; Made from a high quality synthetic tacky grip cover with raised fastpitch seams
  • These balls are sized for 10U ages but are made strong enough to withstand a high school or college team's season
  • Solid polyurethane core (47 COR, 375 lb compression); Made for multipurpose use for games, practices, hitting practices, or even backyard play
  • 11 inch ball perfect for 9-year-old or 10-year-old ages; Comes with versatile Covey Sports bag (holds 12+ balls) for extra ball "holder"

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