Rawlings Large Baseball/Softball Scorebook With 24 Lineup Cards (And Pencil/Refills)

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Tired of having to write so small in your scorebook? Need lineup cards AND a scorebook for the season? This product has you covered!

This convenient bundle includes a 20-game "Deluxe System-17" scorebook from Rawlings and 24 baseball/softball lineup cards (all from Rawlings)!

Each scorebook has a quick tally pitch count log, more room to write with large format (14" x 11" compared to standard 11" x 8" books), and space for 17 players (9 innings) per game.

Each lineup card contains an original card with 3 carbon copies, and measures 4" x 7". Each card includes space for 17 players.

The perfect bundle for any baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch coach!

  • Rawlings "Deluxe System-17" baseball/softball scorebook bundled with 24 lineup cards (2 packs of 12) 
  • Large print format of oversized/big Rawlings scorebook is a great option if you want more room to write; Scorebook contains 40 total score sheets (20 games)
  • 2 packs of 12 Rawlings lineup cards (24 total cards); Each lineup card has 3 carbon copies (1 copy for yourself, 1 for your opponent, 1 for the umpire, and 1 for the scorekeeper)
  • Dimensions of scorebook are 14 x 11 inches with spiral binding (standard size is 11 x 8 inches); Each sheet has room for 17 players and 2 substitutes per player
  • Each lineup card is 4 x 7 inches with space for 17 players on each card

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