De Ruijter Anise Sprinkles (Muisjes), Pink & White, 280 Gr (9.9 Oz), 1 Box

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These pink and white, anise sprinkles (called “muisjes” in Dutch) are sugar-coated anise seeds. They originate from a Dutch tradition that started around 1860 and which is still practiced today in the Netherlands. When a baby is born, the parents treat visitors or colleagues to a buttered biscuit-round that is sprinkled with blue & white or pink and white “muisjes”, depending on whether it is a boy or girl. Apart from a new baby arrival, these sprinkles can be enjoyed anytime, especially on breakfast toast or sprinkled on desserts. Ingredients: sugar, anise seed, wheatstarch (GLUTEN), glucose syrup, carnauba wax and food coloring (carmine). Contents: 280 grams (9.9 ounces)

  • Sugar-coated anise seeds
  • Imported from the Netherlands
  • Part of a Dutch tradition since 1860 (see description)
  • Box has fold-out spout for easy sprinkling

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