Covey Baseball & Softball Scorebook with Lineup Cards (50-Games)

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Get More From Your Scorebooks & Lineup Cards!

Save Time With 50 Games Worth of Scoresheets and Lineup Cards

As a coach, you are busy. No matter the level you are coaching, your time is incredibly valuable. The last thing you need to be worrying about is constantly running out of lineup cards and scorebook sheets.

And that is why we have bundled our popular side-by-side scorebook with our lineup cards!

Not only do you receive the convenience of our each product, but we even provide matching quantities! At 50 games for each, you will finally run out of lineup cards and your scorebook at the same time!

With 50 games for each product, you receive double the amount of games compared to most other scorebooks and lineup card packs. That means less time reordering, and more time focusing on coaching....which is how it should be.


We proudly make every scorebooks and line-up card pack in the USA! We love our country and we are proud of these convenient scorebooks and line-up cards.

Our Goal: Make Your Job as a Coach Just a Little Bit Easier

Large Format Lineup Cards with Our Side-by-Side Scorebook!

Both our scorebook and our lineup cards are unique compared to most similar items on the market. With both products, our goal is to make things just a little bit easier for you as a coach.

Here are just a few of the highlights for each product:

50-Game Scorebook:

  • Side-by-Side Format: This means you don't have to flip back and forth! You can score both teams on the same page!
  • Unique Pitch-Count Tracker: With our pitch-count tracker, we gave the starter 99 pitches, and then 4 relief pitchers 49 pitches each.
  • More "White-Space" in scoreboxes: Most other scorebooks leave very little room to write in the scoreboxes themselves. With our carefully thought-out design, we saved more white-space to make scorekeeping a bit easier.
  • Space for up to 12 batters in the starting lineup.
  • Pitching stats section for 4 pitchers per team.
  • 9 Innings of scoring per game.
  • NOTE: The interior cover includes instructions for receiving "printable scoresheets" for extra-inning games!

50-Pack Lineup Cards: 

  • 4-Part Sheets: With each game, you will receive your master copy + 3 additional carbon copies, giving you one copy for yourself, one for the opposing coach, one for the umpire, and one for your announcer!
  • A larger format card that gives you more room to write in your player names!
  • Enough space on each card for up to 20 players, giving you more than enough space to write in all of your substitutes.


Not only does our convenient side-by-side scorebook come with more games than other scorebooks, but it's also built to last. We manufacture each book with a smooth cover, durable plastic coils, and chipboard backing!


Both our scorebook and lineup cards are made with convenient dimensions. Each scorebook is 15 x 11 inches, which makes it small enough to fit in your coaching bag, but big enough to fit everything on one page. Our lineup cards are 8.5 x 5.5 inches, giving you more room to write (compared to 4 x 7 inches of many cards).


The scoring sheets inside each book are made to increase functionality. Included on each sheet is our pitch-count tracker for 5 pitchers per team, 9 innings of scoring, up to 12 players in the batting order, individual batting stats sections, individual pitching stats sections, and more writing "white-space" than most other scorebooks!


  • ULTIMATE 50-GAME BUNDLE: The side by side scorekeeping scoresheets allow you to score both teams on the same page; The large format softball and baseball lineup cards have space on each card for up to 20 players, giving coaches and umpires the ability to easily write in names.
  • DURABILITY AND EFFICIENCY: Each high-quality softball baseball scorebook has a smooth cover, durable plastic coils, and chipboard backing; Each game sheet includes a pitch count tracker for 5 pitchers per team & 9 innings of scoring; Sheets also have space for 12 players in the batting order, pitching stat sections, batting stats areas, and more writing "white-space" than most other scorebooks.
  • FUNCTIONAL LINEUP CARD SHEETS: The packs of line up cards contain "4-part" sheets (1 front copy and 3 carbon copies); The carbonless "carbon" copy forms provide 1 copy for yourself, 1 for the opposing coach, 1 for the umpire, and 1 for the scorekeeper.
  • CONVENIENT DIMENSIONS: Each 50-game score keeper book is 15 x 11 inch dimensions; Many "traditional" scorebooks tend to be approximately 11 x 8 inches in comparison; The big "oversized" line-up cards are 8.5 x 5.5 inches (compared to 4 x 7 inches of many cards).
  • PRINTABLE EXTRA-INNING SHEETS: The interior cover of the scorebook includes instructions for receiving "printable scoresheets" for extra-inning games!
  • VERSATILE COACHING ACCESSORY: This is a great option for your baseball, fastpitch softball, or slowpitch softball team; Bundle is a must-have for your baseball and softball coach accessories and equipment this season.