Covey Sports Baseball Softball Scorekeeper Scorebook (30 Games Version) - Side by Side Score Sheets Book

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In this best-selling scorebook from Covey Sports, you receive ultimate quality and convenience!

First, the side-by-side format of each scoresheet allows you to score both teams on the exact same page. You never have to turn the page the entire game!

Second, the smooth laminate cover and extremely thick backing gives you the "ultimate" scorekeeping experience. Each high-quality 14 x 10 inch scorebook has a hard backing, laminate cover, and durable plastic coils designed to be resilient. The back cover is made of a sturdy hardboard base that functions like a clipboard giving you extra writing surface support.

The perfect baseball, slowpitch, or fastpitch softball scorekeeping option.

NOTE: The print in the 30-game version is slightly smaller than the "100 Game Covey Sports Scorebook" option. If you need more room to write and prefer larger print, the 100 Game version may be a better option for you!

  • CONVENIENCE: Baseball/Softball Side by side scoresheets allow you to score both teams on the same page; No need to flip back and forth
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Each high-quality scorebook has a hard backing, laminate cover, and durable plastic coils; Back cover is a sturdy hardboard base to provide extra writing surface support
  • DIMENSIONS: 30-Game Scorebook is 14 x 10 inch dimensions. Many "traditional" scorebooks tend to be approximately 11 x 8 inches in comparison.

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