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Covey Baseball & Softball Scorebook Side-By-Side (50-Game)

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You Will Love This Style of Baseball & Softball Scorebook Score Sheet!

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Side-By Side Format To Make Your Life Easier

We get it. It's a pain going back and forth between pages. Hits, errors, walks...and then trying to track pitches on top of it! But with our 50-game baseball & softball scorebook, we have made your life more simple by getting everything on one 15x11 page. And we have been able to do it all while keeping more "white space" in each scorebox than most other scorebooks.

Here are just a few more high-quality features of each scorebook:

  1. Pitching stats section for 4 pitchers per team per game
  2. Pitch-count tracker for 5 pitchers per team per game
  3. Batter stats section for each hitter for each game
  4. Up to 12 hitters in the batting order
  5. Up to 9 Innings of scoring per sheet
  6. NOTE: The interior cover includes instructions for receiving "printable scoresheets" for extra-inning games!
  7. Team roster section on the inside cover
  8. Instructional guide on the inside cover
  9. And More!
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Track Up To 5 Pitchers Per Team With Our Pitch-Count Tracker

Pitch limits vary by league. Sometimes you need to make sure that you don't have one pitcher throwing too much in a given week. With our updated pitch-count tracker we made one line for a starter to throw 99 pitches, and then room for four relief pitchers to throw up to 50 pitches. 

You will have no problem tracking pitches for each game with our convenient pitch-count tracker!

A Few More Reasons You Will Love These Baseball & Softball Score Books!

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