Covey Sports Baseball/Softball Glove Lace With Rawlings Glove Repair Kit (Available In Black/Tan)

Covey Sports Glove Lace With Rawlings Glove Repair Lacing Kit (Available In Black/Tan). 

The Rawlings glove lacing kit includes 1 classic, awl-type steel lacing tool and 48" long x 3/16" wide black or tan rawhide lace. Each piece of extra leather lace from Covey Sports is 72 inches long x 3/16 of an inch wide.

Entire bundle of 336 total inches of lace is enough to restring your entire glove (with lace to spare)! All lace (Rawlings and Covey Sports) is manufactured by Tanners Manufacturing.

Works on any make or model of baseball or softball mitt!

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