Covey Baseball & Softball Glove Mallet (One-Piece)

Size Guide

Make Breaking-In Your Mitt a Breeze With Our Baseball & Softball Glove Mallet!

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Don't Leave Shaping Your Glove to Chance This Season!

With our 11-inch long baseball & softball mallet, you will you be able to break in your glove faster. It also will help you maintain the shape of your glove correctly all season!

Use the Mallet To Break-In a New Baseball, Fastpitch, or Slowpitch Glove:

  1. You will need to pound the stiff parts of your glove repeatedly with the mallet.
  2. Pound the inside of your glove with it on your hand or with the glove laying on a padded surface. If you decide to use the mallet while wearing your glove, we recommend wearing padding on your "glove-hand" to protect the insides of your hand and fingers.
  3. In order to pound the outside of your glove, we recommend laying your glove (without wearing it) on a padded surface to protect the outsides of your hand and fingers.

Use the Mallet to Help Shape Your Baseball & Softball Mitt:

  1. Place the ball of the mallet inside your glove webbing
  2. Tie a glove wrap, string, or rubber band around your glove
  3. Leave overnight to help maintain the proper shape of your glove

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