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Covey Baseball & Softball Glove Lace (Multiple Colors)

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Relace Your Baseball & Softball Glove With Our Premium Lace!

Covey Baseball & Softball Glove Lace Makes Life Easier & More Affordable

Gloves are expensive, and the last thing you want to do is spend money on a brand-new glove when new lace is all that you need!

Our goal is to make lacing your glove a little bit easier while saving you money at the same time!

With each glove lace kit, you will receive the following items:

  1. Glove Repair Lace
  2. Instructions for Use

If you need a needle, we also have a separate listing that includes an awl-style lacing needle.


Our baseball & softball glove lace is proudly made in the USA! We love our country and we are proud of our high-quality glove lace!

Get the Most Use from Your Glove

Our Baseball & Softball Lace Can Add Years of Life to Your Glove

Before you toss your glove to the side for a new glove, relace it instead!

In just a few steps, our lacing kit can add years to the life of your glove.

With our high-quality American rawhide laces, your glove can be as durable as the day you bought it!


Whether your baseball or softball glove needs a small repair or a full rehab, we have the right amount for you! When our laces are fully in-stock, you can choose from 2, 4, or 6-packs of lace!


When our lace is in stock, you can choose from multiple colors. You can match the main color of your glove or do something fun by mixing different colors! While black & tan are the most common, we typically carry other colors as well!


Our high-quality Covey laces are from the same manufacturer used by some of the most popular glove brands on the market. No matter what brand or model you are using, our lace will get the job done!


  • MULTIPLE LACING SIZE OPTIONS: Covey Sports leather laces for baseball & softball gloves come in 2-pack, 4-pack, & 6-pack options; Check the listing carefully to ensure you order the desired amount; Two lace straps will work great for repairs, four laces will relace most gloves entirely, and 6 laces will provide extra lace for all glove types.
  • AUTHENTIC LEATHER LACES: Each leather string is made from authentic American rawhide; Each lace is 3/16" in width and 72" in length and will give years to your glove after the restring process is complete.
  • RELACE YOUR MITT WITH EASE: Each kits comes with the laces & instructions but does not include a stringing needle; We have a separate listing that includes an awl style needle, or you can purchase a needle separately.
  • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: When in stock, our Covey Sports glove restringing lace comes in a variety of colors; Check the listing carefully to ensure you are purchasing your desired color; You can match the color of your glove or choose a different leather string color to make your baseball or softball mitts a little more bright and fun.
  • GOOD FOR ANY GLOVE BRAND: This glove lace will work for all glove types and brands, whether you have a baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch glove; 3/16" lace works great for most infield, outfield, pitcher, and catcher gloves no matter the age of your mitt.