Services for Businesses

We help businesses sell more products online and generate more leads. Generated leads can help you sell more in-store as well as online.

We work with companies on one-time projects, as well as (and preferably) long-term ongoing partnerships when it’s the right fit.

The services we provide are using the same strategies that we use to sell and market our own personal brands and wholesale products.  We personally sell our own products on Amazon US, Amazon Europe, eBay, Wal-Mart, Jet, and our own website.

We are active members of a community of online sellers comprised of thousands of the top online sellers and marketers in the world. The value of this is that troubleshooting issues is not a problem and it allows us to stay cutting edge.

For more information on our services and to request a free consultation, email Director of Parterships Jon Covey at



Do not become overwhelmed by this exhaustive list.  We would never try to do this all at once. Selling online is a marathon...not a sprint!

  1. Sell on Amazon (most popular)
  2. Sell on eBay
  3. Sell on Wal-Mart and JET
  4. Sell on Etsy
  5. Create a "Direct Response Website" (Use Email Marketing To Develop A Customer List and a Raving Fan Base)
  6. Optimize Sales On Your Company Website
  7. Create Books and Journals With Your Company Branding (Think Recipe Books, Fitness Logs, Informational Products, Journals, etc.)
  8. Create and Sell “Hands Free” Store Merchandise on Your Site or on Amazon (Clothing, iPhone Accessories, Bags, Backpacks, etc)
  9. Run Facebook Ads, Instagram Marketing, Social Media Campaigns
  10. SEO (Local Google Search, Blog Posts, etc)
  11. Other online marketing services...