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Hey Coach thanks so much for subscribing to our free practice planning mini-series! Inside this series we will cover some of the basics of creating effective practice plans.

Please note that these videos are a part of our IMPACT Coaching Academy.

This is our course for fastpitch coaches. The videos that you are about to watch are a section of the Proven Practice Planning Course.

We hope you enjoy these trainings and find them useful!

Coach Covey and Coach Ritchhart

PS: If you like a bit "cleaner" format, we also offer all of this information (again, for free) inside our Impact Coaching Academy.  You can even access the course through the "Teachable App" if you access it there. 

We offer this Practice Planning series in both places...so use whatever is best for you!  

NOTE: If you would like to receive the sample practice plan template in a word and pdf document, you will need to access it through the Impact Coaching Academy. 

If you choose to watch here on our main website, just click through the videos below in order. 

Enjoy and thanks for being a part of our community!


Video #1: Planning Essentials For Getting Started


Video #2: Over The Shoulder Planning Session


Video #3: Incorporating Mental Toughness and Competition Into Your Plan


BONUS Video #1: P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E Overview with Coach Ritchhart


BONUS Video #2: Purposeful Practices with Coach Ritchhart

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