Rawlings and Covey Sports Baseball/Softball Glove Break in Kit Bundle

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This bundle has all of the essentials for proper glove care. Not only will you be able to quickly break in your new glove, you will also be able to keep it in great shape with these products. This "break in kit" contains 1 Rawlings Baseball/Softball Mallet, 1 Rawlings glove wrap, 1 Glovolium Glove Oil bottle (4 oz.), and 1 microfiber cloth for oil application from Covey Sports. All in a covenient Covey Sports drawstring bag to keep all the items in one place (5 items total)! This bundle is great for using as a baseball glove shaper for a new glove or a shape "keeper" on a broken in glove. Use the mallet to break in your pocket and the finger holes (see pictures). To hold and develop the shape of your glove, use the glove wrap with the mallet or a baseball/softball inside of the glove pocket. And then soften/preserve the leather by applying the Glovolium glove oil with cloth applicator! All in one bundled package for your convenience!

  • Bundle of 1 Rawlings fielding glove conditioning oil (4 oz. bottle), 1 Rawlings baseball/softball glove mallet, 1 Rawlings glove rubber band wrap, and 1 Covey Sports microfiber cloth oil applicator all inside a Covey Sports carrying bag (5 items total)
  • This baseball/softball glove break-in kit has everything you need for breaking in the fielders glove and then holding the shape all year
  • Use this bundle to break in a new glove and/or keep the shape of your "old" baseball, fastpitch, or slowpitch glove; Keep all items of kit together inside convenient Covey Sports drawstring bag
  • Breakin the glove with the mallet, shape the glove with the wrap, preserve/soften the glove with the glove oil, and apply the glove oil with the applicator cloth
  • Use a baseball, softball, or the mallet inside the glove pocket when using the glove wrap to shape most effectively

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