• Team Building Activities For Softball & Other Sports: The “I Got Your Back Drill”

Building a culture of team chemistry takes time and intentional effort. It happens easier with some groups than others. In this weeks post I share one of my favorite team building activities for softball that can help you in this endeavor.

It is one of my favorites because it can be done so quickly. And it will have a lasting impact on certain players.

It can even have a lasting impact on you as a coach! 

At least it has on me.

In fact, I still have some of the notes, cards, and papers from players from years ago! You do not hear “thank-you” nearly enough as a coach. But it does not mean you aren’t appreciated.

Well, not everyone will appreciate you. That’s inevitable. The sooner we get over that the more we will enjoy coaching.

But you ARE appreciated by MANY.  Even if they don’t say it. And sometimes these activities allow players the chance to express appreciation without having to worry about being seen as a “kiss-up.”

But of course that is not why we do team building activities for softball. It just happens to be a natural part of the process when coaches participate.

I should qualify that I don’t always participate. Just some of the time. It’s about creating a positive culture on your team, so it’s really what you feel is most appropriate.

Without further ado, click below to watch the video (embedded from my YouTube Channel). And then keep reading for a bit more content.

Just to be clear, doing a couple of team building activities probably won’t lead to a bunch of players singing “Kumbaya” overnight. As I mentioned, some groups are tougher to bring together than others!

But ongoing efforts of team building show the players what type of culture you are encouraging as a coach. And it does all add up!

And when you feel like you are beating your head against the wall trying things and you still have girls “squabbling” just keep in mind that it would be A LOT worse if you weren’t working to reinforce a positive culture!

On the other hand, some groups will thrive, get along awesome, and these team building activities for softball will only lead to an even deeper team cohesion experienced by very few teams.

And when a team that plays together starts to click on the field with their game-play is when special seasons happen!

New to the idea of team building? Click on softball team building activities for a few more ideas! 

(By Tim Covey, Founder of Covey Sports)