• Tips For Stealing Bases In Fastpitch Softball

If you want to put more pressure on the defense, then teaching your players how to get a great jump in steal situations can give your team a huge boost. In this weeks tip on stealing bases in softball, I break down a few of the key components to help your players get more aggressive steal jumps.

Watch the video below and keep reading for a written description of the content covered in this weeks video!

One thing to note about this type of steal jump is that it may result in your players getting called out for leaving early on occasion. However, if you wish to put more pressure on the defense and score more runs then the reward far outweighs the risk!


Once again, here are the key aspects of this technique for stealing bases in softball:

  1. The runner keeps one foot on the front of the base and one foot behind the base.
  2. The front foot should be towards the outside edge of the bag to prevent the runner from tripping on the bag on the first step.
  3. The runner should be leaning forward to get a great first step.
  4. If the left foot is on the front of the bag, the right arm should be forward (and vice versa) so that the player is in proper stride on the first step.
  5. The runner will take her first step when she sees the back foot (drive foot) of the pitcher make her first movement.

If you have some players with decent speed, base stealing is a great way to jump-start your offenseBut it does take practice to teach your players how to get a great jump off of the pitcher.

Question: Do you teach "steal jumps" differently than the technique described above?  If so, how do you teach it?  Leave a comment below or over on Facebook!

(By Tim Covey, Founder of Covey Sports)