• Fastpitch Softball Bunt Defense Made Simple

Being able to cover the bunt defensively can be the difference in winning and losing. How you run your softball bunt defense will depend on your players and the situation.

In this weeks tip I explain a softball bunt defense that makes rotations more simple for your infielders. We call this the “1-Back” Bunt Defense.

This is one of the different defensive set-ups that I cover in the Covey Sports Impact Coaching Academy.

This is a defense that you may want to consider under the following circumstances:

  1. You have a first baseman that is not exceptionally quick.
  2. Your first baseman does not throw very well.
  3. You have a pitcher that is very quick (and covers the first baseline very well on bunts).
  4. Your second baseman struggles to receive throws at first base in bunt situations.
  5. You don’t believe the other team can bunt very well down the first baseline.
  6. You want to take some pressure off of your defense and make their rotation and coverages very simple.


The 1-Back Softball Bunt Defense can simplify things for your players in bunting situations.

However, like all things strategic anytime you do something to give yourself an advantage you are often going to be giving something up elsewhere.

In this situation what you are giving up is making your team more vulnerable to a bunt down the first base line.  So you have to play the odds and ask yourself which “odds” you prefer.

Another thing that you can do with the 1-Back Softball Bunt Defense is use it as a basic defense against slap-hitters.

If you are uncertain about how to set up a defense to slow down a slapper, simply have your players go in to the one-back softball bunt defense setup and take a few steps in (play everyone more shallow).

Doing this will put them in an alignment that is very similar to some of the “specialized” slap defenses that you will see. This is an easy way to install a slap-defense without causing confusion with your players!

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(By Tim Covey, Founder of Covey Sports)