• Fastpitch Softball Bunt Defense Drill For Multiple Catcher Reps

Bunt defense is critical to your success. Even more specifically, catcher bunt defense is important to work on.

While catchers will not likely be fielding the bulk of the bunts, there will be times when the opponent puts down a soft bunt in front of the plate.

In these situations, it’s crucial that the catcher knows how to hop out of her stance as quickly as possible and field the ball with good footwork.

In this weeks tip, I explain one of the many catcher drills from inside the Covey Sports Impact Coaching Academy.

This is a great drill for working on bunt defense with your catchers.  We call this the “partner bunt drill,” but in all honesty, it’s probably not a great name for the drill.

No matter what you call it this is a simple, but great drill for getting your catchers a bunch of bunt defense reps in a short amount of time!


This drill works best with more than 1 catcher to keep it moving quickly, although it is possible to make it work with just one catcher. She will simply get lots of conditioning!

Here are a couple of key points to look for when you are working on bunt defense with your catchers:

  1. Come “around” the ball so that your front shoulder is pointed at your target (1st base typically) when you pick up the ball.
  2. If the ball is still moving, push it into your glove while picking it up.
  3. If the ball is “dead,” the catcher can barehand it by grabbing the top of the ball and pushing it down into the ground (this will allow her to get a firm grip).

This drill will allow your catchers to work on their bunt defense technique multiple times in a very short span of time. In just 5 quick minutes you will accomplish a lot!

(By Tim Covey, Founder of Covey Sports)