• Key Components To Fastpitch Softball Throwing Fundamentals

by Tim Covey

Is teaching proper fastpitch softball throwing fundamentals important?  

100% YES!  

The reality is that the majority of errors occur as a result of poor throws. Typically, these errors could have been avoided with better throwing mechanics.

In this weeks tip I focus specifically on how to teach the proper use of the glove-side during throwing.

This is an area that you will see more mistakes with young players than any other area of fastpitch softball throwing fundamentals.

Many players will simply drop their glove down by their side, never actually pulling their glove into their side properly. This prevents them from maximizing the use of the glove side. And it can also lead to other issues…like dropping the throwing elbow.

Let’s dive in and watch this quick video tutorial below on glove-side mechanics of softball throwing fundamentals!


Here is a quick review of the key points of proper use of the glove-side softball throwing fundamentals.

I will include a couple of “bonus points” that were not included in the video!

  1. For best use of the glove-side, have your players think about pointing the glove at the target and then pulling it into the side of their body.
  2. As infielders and catchers advance, they do not need to point the glove out completely.  They can simply point their elbow and leave their glove/forearm pointing down. Here is a great example of Mariano Rivera doing this very thing:fastpitch softball throwing fundamentals
  3. Have your players turn the glove over so that the glove is facing “up” (like they are looking into their glove) before they begin to pull it to their side.
  4. When they pull the glove into their side, the glove-side elbow will begin driving down towards the side of their body, and the glove will then follow.
  5. Players do not need to pull the glove in violently. Doing so can cause the players to keep their upper-body overly upright when following through.
  6. It is VERY important to watch to make sure the glove is ending up at the side of the players body (around the waist). Some players will incorrectly leave the glove in the middle of the body and kind of “fall” into it. This can prevent them from fully using their body when they rotate their hips and shoulders during the throw.
  7. Lastly, when players are doing all of this properly, the glove-side will be moving down into the side of the body while the throwing arm is simultaneously coming around.

It may look a little bit robotic and disjointed when they are first learning, but as they develop the skill it will look more fluid and natural!

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Tim Covey
Tim Covey


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