Fastpitch Baserunning Technique: Running Through First Base Properly

by Tim Covey

Fastpitch Baserunning Technique: Running Through First Base Properly

Baserunning technique in fastpitch softball can have a big impact on your teams ability to score more runs, put more pressure on the defense, and beat out the “bang-bang” plays. This week I explain the key elements that you will want to teach your players when working on running through first base.

Watch the video to see a quick example and listen to the breakdown about running through first base, and then read below for additional content about these fundamentals!


As you noticed from the video, one of the key components of teaching your players about running through first base is to aim for hitting the front of the bag.

However, there are some additional critical components to this that you will want to observe when coaching:

  1. Make sure that when they are hitting the base that they are staying “in stride.” A common mistake is for players to take a “stutter-step” before they reach the base.  This will SLOW them down!
  2. It’s better for the player to hit the middle of the base on the last step and stay in stride than for her to take a “stutter-step” just to hit the front of the base.
  3. The more players practice this, the more natural it will become for them to hit the front of the base every time.
  4. If you watch the video, you will notice the player takes 2-3 steps after hitting first base, and then begins to “break down.”
  5. The proper technique for “breaking down” is to take short, choppy steps while getting the feet wider than the shoulders…all while dropping the hips down low (see the video for a visual of this).

Steal jumpsrounding the bases, sliding, and running through first base are all key components to teaching your players great baserunning technique. Working on these elements of the game will give you an advantage over many teams!

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Tim Covey
Tim Covey