Great Resources for Finding Fastpitch Softball Drills

by Tim Covey

fastpitch softball drills

Fastpitch softball drills can cover a WIDE range of areas. It’s not just about the typical skills of throwing, hitting, infield, outfield, etc…although these are the most obvious.

It’s also the less “obvious” areas such as team building, conditioning, and mental strength.

In today’s post I am going to do something a little bit different than usual.

At Covey Sports, part of our mission is to serve coaches with information and products that help them improve their program.

While that typically means creating our own content, it can also mean pointing coaches towards other people’s information as well. And that is the main focus of this post.

While I love to create content that hopefully helps other softball coaches, I also love to learn from others.

So here are a few online resources (as well as an overview of Covey Sports) where you can find fastpitch softball drills and much much more!

Softball Coaching Blog at Covey Sports

If you are new to the coaching blog at Covey Sports, the “broad” softball categories you will find here are Offense, Defense, Practice Planning, Coaching Philosophy, Team Building, and Coaching Products. Offense and Defense then has a multitude of sub-categories as well (for example, “Infield Skills and Drills” under “Defense”).

Here are a couple of drill videos from our YouTube Channel as samples. If you have been following the website for a while (or if you receive the regular email newsletter), then you may have seen these before.

You can learn more about the I Got Your Back Drill HERE!

You can learn more about the 4-corners infield drill at this link!

Softball Strength Academy

I stumbled across Softball Strength Academy recently, and they have some great stuff. Ryan Iamurri and Cassie Reilly-Bocci are both recent graduates of Alabama softball.  Their company is designed more for instructing players, but their website has some awesome content for coaches on hitting and slapping.  

Not only will you find some great fastpitch softball drills here but also some great tips on teaching hitting and slapping.  I definitely recommend checking out their site!

Here is an example of one of their videos from their YouTube Channel:


Coachataclick (Courtney Hudson)

Some of you have seen Courtney Hudson’s pitching content either through guest posts or inside my Covey Sports Impact Coaching Academy.

And while she specializes in Pitching, you will also find other valuable information on her website pertaining to coaching. Her content ranges from Pitching and Catching to this recent blog post on Kettle Bell Training For Softball Players. 

Courtney is an expert instructor in working with Pitchers.  Her Instagram page is filled with some of her students that she works with in her Alabama facility. And they clearly know what they are doing!

She has many informational products to take your pitching knowledge deeper. And she also has a very unique online program where she works with Pitchers from all over the country through videos and a Facebook group. If you have a pitcher that needs instructing you need to check it out!

Here is one of her many videos on her YouTube Channel. This video covers some drills and tips on using the legs when pitching.

Top Softball Drills

Top Softball Drills is a website that I stumbled across and find to be very interesting.  It’s based out of Australia, where the sport is growing in popularity.  

One of the differences in Australia, however, is that the Men’s game is huge where in the USA it’s declined over the past 20 years (while our women’s game has exploded).

Most of the content at the time of this post (December, 2016) consists of written descriptions on various fastpitch softball drills and skills. If you need some quick ideas for some drills this website is a great reference.

Also, this is a site that is quite new at the time of this post. I like the layout and design and is one that I am keeping my eye on in 2017.    

The website also links a “partner site” (click on “Fastpitch Info” on their homepage) with additional information on the Australian softball “scene.” As a softball enthusiast in the states I also like having a place to stay in touch with the Australian game and it’s growth “over there.”

Fastpitch Recruiting

OK, so the Fastpitch Recruiting Website is not really about fastpitch softball drills.  BUT for all of you coaches that are involved in the recruiting process you need to be aware of this resource. Catherine Aradi has a deep database of information about the college softball recruiting process.

She also has a book on recruiting that I HIGHLY recommend. And it should be recommended to any of your players (and their parents) that are interested in playing college softball. 

Catherine has a very balanced and realistic approach to the process. Players need to hear what she has to say about the reality of the process for most players. As well as the dedication they need when they begin the process.

Most players want to sit back and “let it happen,” which isn’t realistic. The book is also VERY helpful in giving insight to parents about their role in the process. Going through this book can be a help for making sure parents HELP rather than HURT their child’s chances of being recruited.

If you have not looked through her information I strongly encourage you to do so!

So far I’ve mentioned websites for fastpitch softball drills on “traditional” skill and drill areas, as well as a recruiting resource.

These last two resources get more into the “Impact More Lives” part of Covey Sports. Team Building Drills as well as basic coaching philosophy is what you will find with these resources.

Proactive Coaching

The first resource is ProActive Coaching. I personally began using some of their resources a few years ago. They have a variety of booklets about different aspects of character building, team building, team culture, etc. The booklet shown here is a sample cover of one of their many books.

Part of the great thing about these resources is that they are very quick to read and then implement. For the busy coach without much spare time (which is most of us) this is a great find. You can go deeper into one area at a time with one booklet at a time.

I personally own nearly every book and have used them on multiple occasions over the past few years. I even have made the “Captains Book” a mandatory read for my players. It’s great stuff!

Below is a quick video from their YouTube channel that outlines a few of their core beliefs and principles.

3 Dimensional Coaching

If you have been in the SCO Community for a while, you have probably heard me reference both ProActive Coaching and 3Dimensional Coaching multiple times. In fact, if you have gone through my Free Practice Planning Mini-Course you heard me mention the “3 Dimensions of Coaching”  a few times. 

This is where the “3 Dimensions” comes from (which you already know if you went through the course)!

3 Dimensional Coaching has a blog with great articles, as well as an online course which takes you deep into various aspects of coaching. I own the course myself and I STRONGLY recommend it for any coach.

You will come away with a better understanding of impacting your players at the “heart level,” creating a culture of “impact,” team building drills, today’s athlete, and what it takes to go deeper as a coach.

Below is a video from YouTube that gives a brief overview of the course:


If you are interested in making a lasting impact on the lives of your players (which hopefully you are), then I HIGHLY recommending following both 3Dimensional Coaching and ProActive Coaching (and possibly buying their products).

To be honest, my brief descriptions of all of these “fastpitch softball drills” resources doesn’t do justice to any of them. So click on the links that I provided in the post and check them out for yourself!

Do you have some websites for softball coaches that you recommend? Share them with the Covey Sports community in the comments below or over on Facebook!

Tim Covey
Tim Covey