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Have you ever been frustrated with players missing signals?   Ever get sick of spending valuable practice time reviewing signals that your players should already know? Me too until I began using softball wristband signals!

That is when I purchased PickProof Software by Own The Zone Sports!

This baseall & softball wristband signals software completely transformed the way I do offensive signals and now saves me valuable practice time.

We spend far less time working on signals, and we have WAY less problems with players missing signs.

Have you noticed a variety of college teams using softball wristband signals? When you do you are watching a team that uses Pick-Proof (or one of their competitors).

In our offense, we have roughly 15 different offensive play varieties that we could run at any given moment.

Approximately 10 of these signals are given through the PickProof Software system.  The remaining play signals I give verbally or through a quick hand signal to the runners.

In past seasons, I gave the 10 different “regular” signals up my arms, on my head, on my chest, etc. It was a complex system that often times made things difficult for my players.  But not anymore!

So how does Pick Proof Wristband Signals work?

It is quite simple, really:

  1. Get your login and password and you will immediately be able to set up your plays.
  2. Name each play (for offense) appropriately and give an abbreviation for each play.  For example, Drag Bunt for us is simply DB.
  3. Once you have your plays assigned and abbreviated, the software will then assign each play to a chart with various numbers.  One chart is for you and the other chart is for the players.
  4. Print multiple charts (4 per page) and give it to your players.
  5. Your players and coaches then put the appropriate chart in their wristband. Wristbands will also need to purchased through Own The Zone.

Since we have four different variations of “steal plays”, we shade these plays in on the chart to make it easier for the players to identify these particular plays. The software has this option so that you can categorize your chart.

This definitely helps your players identify the plays more quickly.

Truth be told...if you only have a couple of different plays in your offense then you don’t need to worry about this type of system. But it might be time to consider adding some team offense options so that you can put more pressure on the defense! Your players will thank you!

When you purchase PickProof Software  you will also have the ability to use the program for your pitch-calling signals.  I have seen numerous college teams using this as well. We have not yet used this aspect of the software, but I am exploring it for next year.

Even if you are just starting out with your team, using softball wristband signals will no doubt save you time and frustration on multiple levels!

Ready to get started? Click HERE to see the different options for both the software and the wristbands!

(By Tim Covey, Founder of Covey Sports)


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Mike Clark
Mike Clark

March 12, 2018

Looking for some softball signal cards for pitching and offense.

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