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Having good softball infield drills is an important part of running an effective practice.

In this weeks video tip I explain one of my favorite softball infield drills (one of many inside the Covey Sports Impact Coaching Academy) for working on multiple aspects of infield work.  This is the called the 4-Corners Infield Drill.

In the video below you will see a modified version of this traditional drill, where the players (and myself) are using the drill to work on ground ball fundamentals and throws across the diamond.

Here are some other ways that you can use this drill:


#1: Throws Around the Diamond

This is simply making throws from one base to the other around the infield.  Using good throwing fundamentals, of course.

  • This can be used to work on catch-to-throw transition time.
  • When we do this we will have our players do this in both directions.
  • When the throws are going counter-clockwise we will have the players spin when the throw is to their left shoulder to incorporate more footwork (right-handed throwers only…opposite for lefties).

#2: Throws On the Run

Using the same format as what you watched in the video, simply have the players work on making throws on the run instead of setting their feet.

  • When first starting out, players will feel awkward and it may be ugly.
  • However, with time and repetitions they will improve and become more comfortable.
  • This skill becomes important as players get more advanced and face slappers or hitters with great speed.

#3: Two-Ball Communication

When throwing around the diamond from one base to the other, you can add a second ball into the drill.

  • We tell our players that if they are receiving the throw they must call for the ball (either calling “ball” repeatedly or yelling the throwers name). This adds an element of communication into the drill, simply giving it another point of emphasis.
  • One important point here is to tell your players that if they are throwing and do not hear their teammate calling for the ball then they should not throw it.
  • ALWAYS exercise safety when doing this version of the drill to ensure nobody gets hit in the face with a ball!

That makes 4 different softball infield drills all wrapped into one traditional drill!

The 4-Corners drill has been around for years, but with a few tweaks and modifications you can spice it up and accomplish multiple purposes!

(By Tim Covey, Founder of Covey Sports)

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