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If you know that the mental game is important, but you aren’t sure where to start, then this book review is for you! The name of the book is 1-Pitch Warrior(by Justin Dehmer). Keep reading below to learn why I believe this is a must-read for softball coaches.

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I have read other mental training books such as The Mental Game of Baseball by H.A. Dorfman. This book is well-known and is also “information-rich”, but it takes MUCH longer to process. In fact, the book by Dorfman has 330 pages of content compared to the 110 pages in 1-Pitch Warrior.

Last season, we began using the 1-Pith Warrior content with our players, and I plan to use it more in-depth this season. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the 5 reasons that I believe you need to consider making this book your next “read:”

1: The 1-Pitch Warrior Book is easy to share with your players

Last season we would simply read certain excerpts from the book and then discuss it. It is very easy for players (especially high school age) to identify with and understand the concepts in the book.

For example, one short section in the book discusses how confidence is an individual choice. Dehmer explains how that in reality a bad game the night before should have zero impact on the performance of your next game. As you can imagine, these kinds of topics make for great discussion with your team.

2: This type of ‘Mental Toughness Training’ information is hard to find

Good information on the mental game is hard to find. This is a niche that does not have many “experts.” And to find something specifically geared for softball and baseball is even more challenging.

Once you find some information, finding a resource that ‘distills’ things down to the most important points is even more difficult. This book accomplishes all of the above. Which brings me to point #3…

3:  The book is the appropriate length for the busy coach

As a high school or travel coach, your already busy life gets even busier. Which is why this book is perfect. Coach Dehmer does an awesome job of making it interesting AND easy to understand.

Coach Dehmer’s background is as a high school baseball coach. One of his teams set a national record with 88 wins in a row. This book is written for high school and travel coaches by a coach that is coming from that very same perspective and background.

What is awesome is that this isn’t just some textbook theories. The concepts and strategies in this book have been applied to REAL high school age athletes…

4: 1-Pitch Warrior is Practical

As I already noted, the 1-Pitch Warrior bookis great for sharing with your players. But it doesn’t stop there. It is also full of great ideas specifically for you as the coach. For example, there is a short section about the importance of developing systems and routines in your program.

One full chapter is even devoted specifically to ways that you can measure the most important parts of the game.

For example, Dehmer explains how to measure “quality at-bats” and why this is a better statistic than batting average. Dehmer also goes into detail about a statistical goal they use for 5 different offensive areas and he explains how they win about 97% of their games when they accomplish 3 of the 5 goals.

All things that you can implement with your teams immediately!

5: The 1-Pitch Warrior Book is “Easy” to Read

Once again, this book is written by a high school coach, for high school coaches. In fact, Coach Dehmer used these concepts with his Varsity AND his JV teams.  Which means 14 year olds were getting this same information fed to them.

The books content is easy to grasp, and can be read quickly. But there is so much great information in this book that you may want to read the book multiple times (or take notes).

In fact, I’m reading through the book again right now…

If you want to take your team from good to great this season, then I recommend making the 1-Pitch Warrior book part of your “tool-kit!” (Purchase HERE on Amazon). 

(By Tim Covey, Founder of Covey Sports)

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